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Bundle Up

Boulevard Brewing Company Bundle UpBoulevard Brewing Company Bundle Up (10.5% alcohol by volume, 59 International Bittering Units) is an American Barleywine. The nose is rich and malty laced with rum, alcohol, plum, dark dried fruit, hints of sherry, red grapes and dark brown sugar. It drops bright dark brown with ruby highlights and kicks up a 1/2" light tan blanket of foam with a very fine bead. Spicy dark sugars, caramel, a touch of sherry, berry, dark dried fruit, raisin, rum and a dash of pine start the flavors balanced by a pleasant bitter accent and a warming rush of alcohol on the finish. I am really enjoying the lingering piny, caramel bitter finish. The malt flavors are medium high, the hop bitterness is medium, and the hop flavors are moderate. The body is full, very creamy and smooth but not viscous. The carbonation is medium low and the alcohol is big but not hot or harsh. Bundle Up achieves a nice balance between the malt, hop, yeast and alcohol flavors and is a nice companion on days when you need to bundle up.

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