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Django Hop Bier

Boom Island Brewing Company Django Hop BierBoom Island founder Kevin Welch and his wife Quixia are classical musicians with a passion for Belgian beer. It only makes sense that they would brew Boom Island Brewing Company Django Hop Bier (6.0% alcohol by volume, 39 International Bittering Units), a Belgian IPA that pays homage to the Belgian-born jazz guitarist, Django Reinhardt. I honor Kevin's intension by keying up Django Reinhardt on my tablet and running it through some amplified speakers so the whole neighborhood can enjoy the music.

Some people collect butterflies or stones. Kevin collects Belgian yeast strains and your nose realizes the benefits of his obsession as soon as you pry off the cap and the Belgian yeast and hop aromas vye for attention. An earthy, woody set of aromas mingle with floral, white pepper, light biscuit, fruit, over ripe fruit, banana and bubble gum. The beauty of the Belgian yeast shows off as the brilliant polished brass beer permeated with streams of rapidly rising rising bubbles fills the glass producing a 3" thick cream colored column of stiff, rocky foam that billows up over the lip of the glass and looks dense enough to support a pencil. The beer hits the tongue with a delightful creaminess as Belgian yeast flavors that follow the aromas spread across the palate and meet an assertive bitter in the middle and lead to a bone dry finish with lingering bitterness. The fruit flavors are medium and the bitterness is medium to medium high. This medium to medium light bodied beer is airy and mousse-like on the tongue with a bit of prickle. The carbonation is high. This beer is a perfect companion to a warm sunny afternoon while sharing your Django Reinhardt collection with your neighbors.

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