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Big Ol' IPA


Boom Island Brewing Company Big Ol' IPABoom Island Brewing Company Big Ol' IPA (6.7% alcohol by volume) is a Belgian style IPA brewed with Cascade, El Dorado, Centenial, and Tahoma hops. As you pour you can smell some Belgian yeast character behind resiny, spicy hops with some citrus notes. Pine and resin lead the aromas. It pours coppery gold with a slight haze under a 1" white cap with a fine bead and good retention. It is creamy and lightly sweet on the tongue with a mild bitterness that seductively grows as you drink, asserting itself by the finish. A medium, spicy Belgian yeast character offers traces of fruit and pepper backed by biscuit to pie crust malt flavors. It dries on the finish with a slight astringent touch. It has a creamy, medium light body, soft medium plus carbonation and the alcohol is mildly warming but not hot or harsh. This beer is well composed and very drinkable and makes a perfect companion for an entire evening. I rate it 87.

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Boom Island Brewing Company

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