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BlackStack Micro DosingMy crowler of BlackStack Micro Dosing is a New England India Pale Ale (NE IPA) (7.2% alcohol by volume) and was packaged 12 days ago. If you Google micro dosing you will learn all about micro dosing LSD. This beer has nothing to do with that. Every day during primary fermentation the brewer adds micro doses of Citra, Sabro, Mosaic, Strata, Cashmere, and Idaho 7 hops. This gives the hop flavors and aromas more depth by pulling out a broader range of flavors and aromas during the course of fermentation. Juicy tropical fruit aromas dominate with citrus, stone fruit, berry and grape notes in the background. The hop aromas are not grassy or herbaceous. There are clean neutral malt in the background with a clean fermentation character. The beer pours gold with a moderate haze under a lacy 3” rocky white cap with good retention. The beer is not cloudy or murky with no chunks or floaties. Big fruit flavors dominate the front of the mouth and then a moderate bitterness emerges by mid-palate that persists through the long tail. Tropical fruit, stone fruit, and some berry stand out in the flavor. The beer has a low grainy malt flavor, neutral fermentation character, medium dry finish, no creamy, starchy or sugary sweet flavors. The aftertaste blends bitter and fruit and the bitter mellows as you drink. The a medium body, mild alcohol warming, medium carbonation with no acidic twang. I go through periods of avoiding NE IPAs because the acidity bothers by stomach. This one does not and delivers full, nuanced juicy flavors with a long lingering aftertaste. I enjoyed it immensely and will look for it in the future. I rate it 85.

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