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BlackStack Link in BioBlackStack Brewing Link in Bio (9.0% alcohol by volume) is a Double IPA brewed with Citra, Mosaic, Bio-t Cryo Blend hops. Brewers often pair Mosaic and Citra hops. Brewers use Citra more for its citrus and floral aroma and flavor while Mosaic adds bitterness along with fruit flavors and aromas that complement those of Citra. Cryo is a hop processing technology that separates hop cones into concentrated lupulin and bract allowing brewers to intensify hop flavor and aroma without adding astringency or vegetable flavors. My can is fresh - packaged a week ago. Cracking the can releases an initial big wave of tropical fruit, citrus, fruity, and melon aromas with traces of resin and from the first sniff, the beer showcases the brewer's hop regimen. The malt character is clean and present and along with the fermentation character support the well balanced aromas that take the lead in this beer. The big hops in this beer give it a haze. The beer pours hazy straw gold to hazy tea under a creamy light beige 3” cap with good retention. Juicy, tropical fruit flavors lead with some resin especially in the middle. A fruit sweetness emerges in the middle and then dives into a drying, long lingering bitter finish. This beer has a really well-developed array of fruit flavors, come citrus rind, fruit skin, and a hint of pineapple, - you are drinking this to enjoy the well developed array of fruit flavors. The beer is juicy and fruity without being overly acidic. The bitterness is moderate and is smooth and not sharp or harsh. The beer has a medium full body, medium carbonation and is juicy from the hop flavors but the acidity is not obsessive. The texture is rich but not creamy. The alcohol is smooth and not hot or harsh and supports the big flavors. The beer does not drink like a 9.0% alcohol beer. This big, flavor packed beer avoids the acidity, astringency, and vegetable notes that often come from packing a beer with hops. I rate it 90 and I am hoping that BlackStack has the good sense to brew this again and often. This beer is a winner. .

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