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BlackStack Brewing Well ReceivedBlackStack Brewing Well Received (5.5% alcohol by volume) is a pilsner that dropped acid, went on a motorcycle adventure and then returned changed to the core. It starts life as a pilsner and is lagered for 6 weeks. After that, BlackStack makes things interesting, transferring the beer to a Foeder, a large oversized barrel, and inoculates it with BlackStack's wild house yeast culture and lets it sit for another 3 months. Then they dry hop it with Australia's Galaxy hops, noted for their citrus, peach and passion fruit character, especially when used as a dry hop. The initial whiff finds the familiar pilsner crackery malt smell along with stone fruit and then funk. The funk is mild and in the background and the aroma is moderate with the hops leading by a nose. The funky yeast character and and malt are neck and neck. Other than the mild funk there are no out of sorts yeast aromas. It pours brilliant light straw gold under a 2” white cap with good retention and light lace. A pleasant dose of fruit starts the flavors with some fruit from the hops and some from the yeast resulting in a layered blend of stone fruit, citrus and tropical fruit notes. The beer is moderately tart but not sharp. The tart is soft and dances well with the hop flavors and bitterness. There are hints of sweet up front that quickly dry out and delight the tongue with a tart bitter tango. The dryness is the kind you only get with a good development of wild yeast character. The beer is light with medium carbonation. This beer is one of those "damn why didn't I buy more of these" kinds of beers. It is a flavor packed hop delight with just the right level of funk and tart to make the hop flavors and bitterness pop. I rate it 88 and I could drink this all week if I could find enough of it.

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BlackStack Brewing

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