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BlackStack P.M. DDH DIPABlackStack Brewing has packed their P.M. DDH DIPA (Double Dry Hopped Double IPA) with 8.4% alcohol by volume and liberal doses of Citra, Sabro, and cashmere cryo hops. Citra hops have been around since 2008 and is noted for its big citrus profile. Released in 2018, Sabro hops provide an aroma with complex fruit and citrus flavors and aromas and is appreciated for its ability to get its flavors into beer. Cashmere hops were released in 2013 and provide citrus and melon flavors and aromas along with a smooth bitterness. "Cryo" refers top a process where liquid nitrogen freezes the hop's lupulin glands allowing the processor to separate thee lupulin glands from the hop's vegetative matter delivering intense flavors and aromas to the beer. In BlackStack's P.M. the hops deliver a fruit cocktail of aromas with a trace of coconut in the background. The aromas include citrus, stone fruit and lemon, and some sweet grainy malt notes. The fermentation character joins the chorus of hop fruit flavors. There are no acidic notes and the malt is not caramelly or toasty. The alcohol aromas are smooth and not disruptive. P.M. pours hazy yellow and is opaque except around the edges. A 3” white cap has good retention and leaves splotchy lace. The beer is not murky or pulpy. On the palate, P.M. is very fruity up front with some coconut in the background supported by citrus and stone fruit to create a luscious bled of fruit flavors. In this exquisite fruit cocktail hop flavor dominates and everything else falls in to support. The bitterness moderate and not harsh or sharp. The malt provides light sweet grainy notes with no toast or caramel flavors. Malt flavor are medium low, fermentation character is low and the alcohol is smooth and mild. There are no creamy, starchy or sugary sweet flavors and the alcohol not hot or dominating. Everything works well together and nothing is out of place or overstated. The beer has medium body and carbonation, mild alcohol warming, and no acidic twang. This delicious DDH DIPA hits all the right notes. It is flavor packed, balanced, complex, rich, luscious, easy on the stomach, complex, and delightful. I rate it 92.

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