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BlackStack Brewing FugaziBlackStack Brewing Fugazi (4.8% alcohol by volume) is an Italian Style Pils and it is fresh - packaged yesterday. Fugazi is slang for something fake and damaged beyond repair or it may refer to a Washington DC post-hardcore punk band. There is nothing damaged or punk about this beer. It has medium low light, grainy malt aroma lightly spiced by spicy, floral hops. It has a clean lager fermentation character. It pours bright pale straw producing a brief ½” white cap.
Fugazi offers low levels of grainy malt flavor leading to a crisp, dry well attenuated finish. Medium floral hop flavors give a medium plus hop bitterness that carries you to a crisp, dry bitter finish with moderately low linger. The balance leans to the hop.  BlackStack has dialed up the flavor - the malt, hop and bitterness - up just a dab more than you would find in a Moretti or Peroni and that is a good thing. The body is medium light and the carbonation is medium high but is less creamy and the head retention is a little less than desired. This has enough of the Italian Pils character to remind you of a Peroni or Moretti but it has enough extra to give you what you miss in these beers. It is refreshing, very drinkable and very repeatable. I like Fugazi with Linguine Al Pesto Genovese or a chunk of Gorgonzola Dulce and some ciabatta bread. I rate it 80.

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