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BlackStack Brewing All Together with Other Half BrewingBlackStack Brewing All Together with Other Half Brewing (6.5% alcohol by volume) is a Hazy (New England) India Pale Ale. My can was packaged a week ago. Popping the can releases tropical fruit aromas supported by more generic fruit, hints of pineapple, faint sweet grain and something a little tart. Hop aromas lead with malt a ways behind. Fermentation aromas support the hops. There is nothing grassy or herbaceous in the aroma and the malt is mostly neutral  with a light grainy sweetness. Alcohol aromas are faint and clean. It pours hazy straw gold under 2” off white cap with good retention. The beer is not cloudy or murky. There are no floaties or visible particulates. Hop flavors are high. Different fruit flavors come to prominence as the beer moves over the tongue. An initial mild sweetness up front has some supportive grainy sweet malt flavors. By mid-palate berry, tropical fruit, and melon from the hops take over. There are no caramel or toast flavors. The fermentation character supports the hops. Hop bitterness is medium low and the beer has a dry finish. The long tail makes you want another drink. Carbonation is above average with some bite and there is a slight hop based astringent note but not it is not sharp or harsh. This full flavored hazy IPA is smooth and feels good as you drink it. It is not acidic and you can drink more than one. I rate it 88.


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