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BlackStack A. M. IPABlackStack Brewing cranks out a ton of New England IPA varieties. Each with subtle differences and each drinkable and good. My can of BlackStack A. M. IPA (6.3% alcohol by volume) is 4 days old and is packed with Azacca and Mosaic hops. Azacca is a Washington hop with citrus, mango and some orchard fruit notes. Mosaic is a US hop with citrus and pine. In the aromas A.M. delivers citrus and and tropical fruit with a hint of pine. The fruit leads with clean malt in the background. There no grassy or herbaceous notes. Hop aromas are medium plus, malt aromas medium low, and fermentation character medium low and works with the hops. A.M. pours hazy straw under a 2” pale beige cap with good retention. There are no floaties or particulate and it is not cloudy or murky. Hop flavor is high, composed of tropical fruit, citrus, a trace mango, ripe fruit, and some melon. Hop bitterness is moderate with a lot of fruit skin and fruit rind. A.M. is not harsh with its citrusy bitterness balanced by tropical fruit – especially mango and a faint seasoning of pine and light biscuit. A. M.'s medium carbonation has a softness to it. It has a medium body with nothing harsh, astringent, or acidic. A.M. is a very pleasant drinker, easy on the stomach, full flavored, repeatable. I rate it 83.

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