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Black Stack Brewing Ken Burns PresentsBlack Stack Brewing Ken Burns Presents (6.3% alcohol by volume) is a fruited Berliner Weisse that comes in several incarnations. This one is infused with cherry, tangerine and pineapple and added lactose. The can was packaged 6 days ago. The brewer recommends rolling the can before consuming which I do. It smells like a tart fruit cocktail with the fruit moderating the intensity of the beer's sour character. There is no hop aroma and the fruit hides most of the wheat character but there is a background suggestion of sourdough bread. It pours mucky and cloudy and looks like a glass of fresh unfiltered squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice. It starts tart then the lactose kicks in and tones it down and then we get the tart again. The combination of fruit and the color have me thinking grapefruit but I clear my head and do get a blend of tangerine, cherry and pineapple. The flavors meld together with no individual flavor standing out. The lactose tones the tartness down to medium. The body is medium full body and a little pulpy with medium carbonation. It reminds me of a smoothie. This is a unique, interesting beer with a lot of flavor. The fruit makes it filling and it gives the beer more body than a typical Berliner Weisse. While the fruit and lactose mask the acidity, it still comes through. It is not a beer you will spend the afternoon drinking several glasses of. For me, one glass is enough. I rate it 75.


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