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Bell's Brewery Two Hearted AleBell's Brewery Two Hearted Ale (7.0% alcohol by volume) holds a special place in my heart. As a kid my friends used to tell our parents that we were going up to see Ernie or Nick. Ernie was Ernest Hemingway and going to see Ernie meant going to the area around Charelvoix and Petosky Michigan where Hemingway hung out during the summers as a kid. When we said Nick, we meant Nick Adams, the Hemingway character in the story Big Two Hearted River, which refers to the Two Hearted River on Lake Superior's south shore. At the time State or National Forest Land surrounded most of the river and you could stay pretty much where ever you wanted. The beer is named after that river and with every glass, I pause and savor youthful delinquencies.

Two Hearted IPA is an American IPA and is usually at or near the top of lists that Rank American IPA and American Craft Beer. Its brewed with Centennial Hops and smells flowery, citrusy and grassy with light fruit, and melon. A handful of malt aromas including light biscuit, bread crumb and a hint of fresh grain provide support. A hint of dank earth lies in the background. It pours gold to amber with a light haze under a 1" off-white foam cap. The flavor starts with a cross between stone fruit and lemon, citrus and bread crumb to biscuit leading to an earthy, mildly bitter finish. The beer is creamy and smooth with a medium body and carbonation. The flavors are complex and layered yet well rounded. This is a true classic and if you haven't had it, you must. I rate it 95.

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