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Bell's Brewery Bell's PorterBell's Brewery Bell's Porter (5.6% alcohol by volume) has a 6 month shelf life and my bottle is 6 weeks old. Prying off the cap releases chocolate and mild roast aromas - nothing harsh or burnt. The smell is mostly about the malt with medium malt aromas, low hop aromas, low fermentation aromas, medium low roast aromas and medium chocolate aromas. Bell's Porter pours deep dark brown under a 3" tan cap with medium retention and moderate lace. It's creamy on the palate with dark chocolate, spice, a hint of cinnamon, medium hop flavors, medium hop bitterness, medium chocolate and a trace of coffee and grains. The malt flavors are moderately strong. The hop bitterness and the chocolate from the grains produce a lingering dark chocolate bitterness with light roast notes. Nothing is harsh or burnt. Bell's Porter has a medium full body, medium carbonation and a slight grainy astringency that shows up on the finish. I rate this fulfilling, very easy to drink porter 89.

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