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Bell's Lager Of The Lakes

Bell's Brewery Bell's Lager Of The LakesI am drinking a bottle of Bell's Brewery Bell's Lager Of The Lakes (5.0% alcohol by volume) one month past its package date. It's fresh and one third of the way into the brewer's recommended shelf life. Prying off the cap releases medium bready rich malt, medium spicy floral hops. It's a balanced aroma with very faint diacetyl (movie popcorn butter). Lager of the Lakes pours brilliant gold with streams of rapidly rising bubbles invigorating a 1" persistent white foam cap. This beer has a soft rounded flavor profile starting lightly sweet with bready malt, medium bitterness, and floral spicy hops leading to a dry and crisp finish. The malt and hop flavors are medium. There are no caramel flavors and other than the diacetyl, it has a clean fermentation profile. The body is medium light to medium and the carbonation is above average. This rich lager is full of character. I rate it 80.

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Bell's Brewery

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