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Bear Republic Brewing Company


Double Aught

Bear Republic Brewing Company Double Aught Czech Premium Pale Lager Bear Republic Brewing Company Double Aught (5.0% alcohol by volume) is a Czech Premium Pale Lager or as it is more commonly known, a classic Czech Pilsner. I have had two bottles of this. The first created a 1/2" snow white foam cap that disappeared as soon as I finished pouring. The second cap, slightly less ephemeral, made it up to 1" before dissolving into oblivion after a minute or so. Both bottles poured brilliant gold and had rapidly rising bubbles. The beer smells of rich malt, light grain, cracker, light floral and earthy hops and hop spice. It has a clean fermentation character with slightly more malt than hops in the aroma. The flavors start with rich malt, cracker, slightly sweet with traces of light caramel balanced by floral, earthy hops and a very pleasant and lingering crisp bitter hop finish. It has a medium light body with low carbonation. A very drinkable, flavorful light beer. The body is a little thin and the head retention is a little low. I rate it 83.

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Bear Republic Brewing Company

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