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Magic Man IPA with Galaxy Hops


Barrel Theory Beer Company Magic Man IPA with Galaxy HopsBarrel Theory Beer Company Magic Man IPA (7.1% alcohol by volume) with Galaxy Hops, a hop known for its big fruit flavors and aromas and an absence of pine, floral or spice flavors or aromas. My crowler was packaged six days ago. Popping the can releases citrus peel, citrus, melon, tropical fruit, passion fruit and a hint of peach aroma. The hop aroma is big and it gets some support from bready dough malt in the background with no caramel or toast aromas. The aroma has no floral, no herbaceous or grassy notes. The fermentation character is mellow and complements the hops.
The beer drops hazy straw to yellow under a robust lacy 3” beige cap with good retention.  The beer has an interesting malt note that supports the fruity hop flavors and the beer reminds you of a passion fruit jelly donut but not outrageously so. The bitterness is mild and comes to the front in the after taste. AS touch of malt sweetness up front dries on the finish with a gentle kiss of hop bitterness. The beer is thick and juicy - on the verge o0f being chewy but it works. Carbonation is medium. The alcohol is noticeable, smooth and not hot or harsh and acts more as a flavor note. The beer is a little saftig but dammit it works and the end result is very drinkable. The acidity is low and the beer will not act tear a hole in your stomach. You can drink more tan one and that may lead to several. I like it immensely and rate it 88.


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