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Barrel Theory Beer Company Landscaping DutyBerliner Weiss is the penultimate summer sitting in the shade at a sidewalk table beer. Its light, refreshing and very tart and traditionally served with Himbeersirup (raspberry syrup) or Waldmeistersirup (woodruff flavoring). Barrel Theory Beer Company packs a fruit cocktail and then some into their Landscaping Duty, a Berliner with raspberry, blackberry, guava, lemon, tangerine, lactose and marshmallow and at 5% alcohol by volume its allows you to drink a few while stretching an afternoon on the sidewalk into early evening. The beer has a faintly funky big berry aroma with some wheat lemon. It drops hazy reddish purple and kicks up a 2” pink collar that dissipates moderately fast. The initial sip is like biting into a lemon and then almost immediately you get hit with a fruit cocktail and a dash of tartness softening lactose. The beer has lots of berry and and its tartness is all lemon - not vinegary. There is a slight astringent fruit skin note on the finish. The blend of berry flavors are outrageous and they perfectly balance the tart with a little help from the lactose. There is just a hint of marshmallow on the finish. The beer is effervescent, light, and refreshing. If you do not have a shady sidewalk table to while away a pleasant summer afternoon, this beer also works for made for sitting on the deck, sheltered by your favorite tree or deck umbrella while reading, chatting or admiring the clouds. It has a lot packed into it but it expresses it very well and is well balanced. I could drink this all evening with some cheese, a good book on my deck or in my garden or on my front bench. I rate it 85 and will look for it again.

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