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Barrel Theory Full Send IPA My Barrel Theory Full Send IPA (7.1% alcohol by volume) crowler is two weeks old and is brewed with Nelson Sauvin and Citra Hops. Nelson Sauvin is a New Zealand hop introduced in 2000 and got its name from its flavor and aroma similarities to the Sauvignon Blanc wine making grape. Depending on the dose, it can add gooseberry, citrus and/or mango notes spiced with traces of pepper or allspice. Citra is an aroma hop introduced in 2008 and is noted for its big citrus flavors and aromas. Too much Citra can add a harsh bitterness. Barrel Theory Full Send IPA smells fruity with some grape and citrus notes, supported by stone and tropical fruit. Hop aromas are medium high. Malt aromas are low and neutral providing a supportive mild grainy sweetness. There is nothing grassy or herbaceous in the aroma and no caramel or toasty notes from the malt. The fermentation character supports the hop aromas. The aromas are balanced and well integrated. Barrel Theory Full Send IPA drops opaque hazy yellow under a 3”white cap with good retention. There is not floating particulate and the beer is not murky or cloudy. The flavors offer a good balance between the various elements – everything working well together. Hop flavor leads and is high, featuring fruit, white wine, fruit skin, and citrus. The bitter is soft with some pithy notes and is not sharp or harsh. Barrel Theory Full Send IPA's flavors are complex, layered and well-integrated. The beer has a medium body and carbonation. It is soft, not acidic and its alcohol warming mild is welcome. Everything works well together in this awesome, delightful beer. The Nelson Sauvin hops produce some superb fruity aftertastes that linger. I rate Barrel Theory Full Send IPA 90.

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