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Fomo IPA with Citra and Vic Secret Hops


Barrel Theory Beer Company Fomo IPA with Citra and Vic Secret HopsMy crowler of Barrel Theory Beer Company Fomo IPA (7.2% alcohol by volume) with Citra and Vic Secret Hops was packaged two days ago. It is a hazy IPA infused with Citra and Vic Secret Hops. Citra is a relatively new hop noted for its intense citrus flavor and aroma. Vic Secret is an Australian hop that add heaps of fruit flavor when added to the whirlpool or as a dry hop addition. The two hops show their stuff as soon as you crack the can, releasing a fruit cocktail laced with pineapple, citrus, and tropical fruit with some sweet bread dough off in the background. You can smell the fruit a few feet away. The fermentation character is medium low and provides support for the hop aromas. The beer pours hazy straw gold to yellow under a 3” persistent beige foam cap. There are no floaties and the beer is not murky or cloudy. Big fruit flavors lead featuring topical fruit, citrus, and pineapple with faint pine notes and some distance doughy bread in the distance. This beer has a big body in a pleasant way - like Taj Mahal's Big Kneed Gal. It is almost saftig, but not quite chewy and the heft supports the flavors. This is a big full flavored juicy drinkable beer. The acidity is medium low so it does not burn a hole in your stomach. If you are not driving you can easily drink Fomo all night. I rate it 89 and if i see it, I buy a crowler or two.

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