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Barrel Theory Beer Company Don’t Cry Because Its OverWhen I go to my favorite beer store one of the first things I do is to check the beer cooler for new releases from St. Paul's Barrel Theory Beer Company. Barrel Theory Beer Company Don’t Cry Because Its Over (7.0% alcohol by volume was a find from last August (2020). The crowler is 2 weeks old. It is a Hazy IPA (New England IPA) with Galaxy, Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic hops. Galaxy is an Australian hop released in 2009 that boasts the highest essential oils of any hop currently on the market. Added late it brings citrus, peach and passion fruit aromas. When the beer is fresh it's flavors can be intense but it softens with age. Citra is an American hop released in 2009 noted for its big citrus character. An American hop released in 2000, Simcoe worts both for bittering and aroma bringing fruit aromas balanced by earthy and piny notes. Mosaic is an American aroma and bittering hop released in 2012. It delivers a lot of fruit flavors and aromas along with a pleasant bitterness. Barrel Theory blends these hops together to achieve a medium high hop aroma of tropical fruit, pineapple, and citrus with hints of pine and a slight earthiness with nothing grassy or herbaceous. Clean, neutral malt in the background provides some grainy sweetness. The fermentation character is low and complements the hop aromas. Don't Cry Because it's Over pours opaque, hazy yellow under a 3" beige, mousse-like cap with good retention. The beer is not murky, cloudy or pulpy, opaque and there is no suspended particulate matter in the beer. High hop flavors introduce the beer with a pleasant medium bitterness that lingers long through the finish and leaves a dry bitter after taste softened with traces of fruit. The flavor emphasizes tropical fruit with pineapple notes standing out. The malt is clean with no toast or caramel. The fermentation character works with the hops. The beer finishes medium dry and gets drier as you wait for the next sip. The bitterness has some citrus rind and pith notes but is not sharp or harsh. There are no creamy, starchy or sugary sweet flavors. There is no acidic twang on the finish. The alcohol is there but not dominating. It provides a very mild warming and is not hot or harsh. The body is on the plus side of medium with medium carbonation. Don't Cry Because it's over showcases a masterful blend of hops balanced with a moderate, flavorful does of hops to produce an excellent, drinkable IPA. One sip of the beer and you will understand why Barrel Theory's bee so often finds a home in my fridge. I rate it 89.

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Barrel Theory Beer Company


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