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Barrel Theory Beer Company Chazz Michael MichaelsBarrel Theory Beer Company Chazz Michael Michaels (7.3% alcohol by volume) is a double dry hopped hazy IPA dosed with Simcoe and Simcoe cryo hops. My crowler is 2 weeks old. Brewers boil hops to extract bitterness in the hop essential oils. Dry hopping adds the hops after the boil which gives the beer more of the hop flavor and aroma and less of the bitterness. Double dry hopping can mean adding twice as much hops after the boil or adding hops at two different points after the boil. 3imcoe is both a bittering and an aroma hop noted for its citrus and fruity notes with background pine and earthy notes in the aroma. Cryo hops are frozen to concentrate the essential oils which allows the brewer to add more flavor and aroma without adding vegetative aromas or flavors or astringent notes. The brewer's description of the hoping (double dry hopping) and the use of cryo hops tells us to expect big hop fruit aromas and flavors without a lot of flavors from the hop cones 9the leafy material) getting in the way. The first whiffs of the beer as it pours deliver rich hop aromas with a variety of fruit, citrus, and tropical notes with no grassy or herbaceous aromas. The hop aromas start medium high and settle down to medium. There are some moderately low clean malt aromas – mostly bread crumb and no caramel, toast or creamy aromas. Low supportive fermentation aromas work with the hops. The alcohol is mild and unobtrusive and there are no buttery or acidic aromas. The beer pours hazy yellow gold under a robust 3” white cap good retention lacy. While the beer is hazy there is no floating particulate. The beer is a delight to drink as a rich fruit cocktail dominated by tropical fruit and citrus rolls over the tongue with a trace of pineapple and a hint of coconut gently sweetened by a light dose of grainy sweet malt. Hop flavor is medium high with a light fruit from fermentation character that supports the hops. Alcohol flavors are mild, smooth, supportive and not hot or harsh. The beer finishes off dry and leaves a long fruity aftertaste with medium low bitterness. The bitterness is mild citrus pith and is not sharp or harsh. Chazz Michael Michaels' body is medium full and smooth with not astringent notes. The alcohol is mildly warming and the carbonation is medium and soft. There is no acidic twang on the finish.
F: medium full body, smooth, no astringency, mild alcohol warming, carbonation medium, soft. This is flavor packed with a lot of fruit without tasking like a fruit punch or a dreamcicle. It is very easy to drink and not acidic. It is easy to drink more than one. I rate the beer 88.

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