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Wild Brunette

Barley John's Brew Pub Wild BrunetteBarley John's Brew Pub Wild Brunette (7.2% alcohol by volume, 50 International Bittering Units) is an American Brown Ale. I have had on tap at King’s Wine Bar and also from a can. It pours brilliant brown under a 1” lacy, sticky cream to light tan foam collar that has fine bubbles and ismoderately persistent. It has spicy, nutty aromas with a hint of wild rice, light toast, chocolate and a trace of vanilla and fruit. Malt aromas are medium and hop aromas are medium low. The flavors start chocolate, nutty, vanilla, malt and fruit. Malt flavors are medium high. The wild rice flavors are medium and enhance the beer's nuttiness. The sweetness is miold and well balanced by the hops. Hop bitterness is medium and gives the beer a nutty dark bitter chocolate finish. The various flavors balance each other well. The beer is creamy smooth with medium body and carbonation. Wild Brunette is a very refreshing and drinkable brown ale. I rate it 85.

American Brown Ale

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