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Barley John's Brew Pub Cone GnomeBarley John's Brew Pub Cone Gnome (8.6% alcohol by volume, 85 International Bittering Units) is an American Doule or Imperial IPA. It is bright gold with rapidly rising bubbles under a sticky 2.5" white foam cap that takes over 5 minutes to reduce to a quarter its original size. It smells like citrus with some herb, fruit and a faint hint of garlic and a trace of dank. Malt aromas are medium low and hop aromas are medium high. The palate starts very creamy with big fruit, berry, tropical fruit, citrus and some biscuit leading up to a big bitter finish. The hop bitterness has a touch of citrus pith and is medium high to high leading to a drying finish with a touch of hop based astringency. The hop flavors are medium high and the malt flavors are medium to medium low. Cone Gnome is medium bodied with medium carbonation. It finishes with a pleasant alcohol warming. I particularly like the blanace that the brewer achieves between the fruit flavors, the bitterness and the malt. I rate it 90.

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