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Rooster Lager


Bank Brewing Company Red Rooster LagerBank Brewing Company Rooster Lager (5.4% alcohol by volume) is an amber or red American Lager. It smells a little nuttier than a Vienna Lager or some of the German amber lagers. It also has some bread crust and light toast with medium malt and a clean fermentation character. It has a mild, spicy hop aroma. There is no caramel or roast character. It pours bright copper amber with a slight haze under a 2” off-white cap with fair to good retention. The malt flavors are rich , layered and varied leading with bread crust, toast, and a hint of nuts. Hop flavors are low with traces of fruit and spice. The bitterness is medium and works with the malt. Rooster has a dry crisp finish and a clean lager fermentation character. The malt is soft but elegant and the lingering malt flavors are delicious. The body is medium light body, mildly creamy, smooth with medium carbonation. Rooster lager offers wonderful flavor packed into an easy to drink lager for when you get all hopped out. I rate it 80.

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