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Bald Man Brewing

Heart Of Glass

Bald Man Brewing Heart Of GlassBald Man Brewing Heart Of Glass (4.2% alcohol by volume) is an American Blonde Ale. My can was packaged 6 days ago and cracking it releases a big dose of bready malt aromas supported by medium low hop aromas. The malt aromas settle down to medium and the yeast aromas are low. It pours brilliant gold permeated by streams of leisurely rising bubbles. A 1" foam cap with fair retention perches on top. Rich, complex and layered malt flavors include bread crumb, biscuit and a touch of toast and are lightly seasoned by a trace of citrus and balanced by an assertive bitterness that becomes almost tea-like and mildly astringent on the finish. There are traces of fruit in the background. The bitterness works very well with the malt flavors. The body and carbonation are medium. This is a nicely flavored, non-boring blonde ale that is very drinkable and repeatable. I rate it 80.

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Bald Man Brewing

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