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Schell's FireBrick*

August Schell Brewing Company Schell's FireBrickAugust Schell Brewing Company Schell's FireBrick is a Vienna Lager and it comes with 5.0% alcohol by volume. This is a beer style that fell out of favor in its country of origin, emigrated to Mexico and became a pale image of its former self. Schell's has returned the beer to its former glory. Prying off the cap releases an initial blast of toasty malts, traces of hop spice and a hint of caramel. Rapidly rising bubbles permeate the brilliant copper amber pour blanketed by a 1" off-white cream cap with fair retention. Light toast and malt gently sweetened by kettle sugars dominate the flavor. A slight tea like bitterness, spice from the grain and hops hints of anise. A very slightly sweet start dries out by the finish with flavors that linger gently. The body and carbonation are medium. This is a very refreshing beer that is easy to drink at a sidewalk cafe in the warm sunlight or at a table with a plate piled high with brats. I rate it 90.

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August Schell Brewing Company

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