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August Schell Brewing Company Keller PilsAugust Schell Brewing Company Keller Pils is a Keller Bier - An unfiltered, unlagered lager beer straight from the fermenter. Lagering involves storing beer for several weeks at cool temperatures and it knocks out much of the yeast character - diacetyl (movie popcorn butter), DMS (canned corn or vegetable), and acetaldehyde (green apple) flavors and aromas not found in well-lagered beers. My bottle has a best by date from last week. The aromas are medium floral, grassy hops, traces of DMS, and traces of diacetyl. Yeast aromas are medium low and malt aromas are low. It pours hazy straw under a white to off-white foam cap with a very fine bead and good retention. Streams of fine bubbles rapidly rise to the surface to refresh the cap. The palate starts with moderate grainy to cracker malt flavors, a moderate to moderate high hop bitterness, moderate hop flavor, moderate green apple, moderately low DMS, and low diacetyl. The yeast flavors are medium to medium low. Keller Pils finishes crisp and dry with a malty hoppy aftertaste with moderately low linger. It has medium body and carbonation. I rate this flavorful, refreshing and easy to drink beer 84.

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