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Grain Belt Lock & Dam

August Schell Brewing Company Grain Belt Lock & DamAugust Schell Brewing Company calls Grain Belt Lock & Dam (5.0% alcohol by volume) a copper lager. The closest Beer Judge Certification Program beer style it fits into is Vienna Lager. The beer is fresh with a best by date 3 months in the future. It has medium low malt aromas with light grain, traces of bread crust and a faint hint of sulfur. Hop aromas are low. It pours brilliant amber gold under a 1" ivory cap with good retention. Rapidly rising bubbles fill the glass. The flavors feature medium level rich malt flavors that blend bread crumb and crust. The malt meets a medium bitter hop accent in the middle and leads to a drying lingering malty bread crust bitter. The beer feels creamy with some prickle and has a medium body and medium high carbonation. It finishes clean and smooth. The beer is surprisingly good, flavorful, satisfying and refreshing. I rate it 80.

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August Schell Brewing Company


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