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Able Seedhouse + Brewery SupergiantAble Seedhouse + Brewery Supergiant (5.2% alcohol by volume, 18 International Bittering Units) is a blonde ale hopped with Ahtanum, Jarrylo, and German Mandarina hops and lightly sweetened with lactose. The three hop varieties bring interesting fruit flavors and aromas to the beer and provide moderate bitterness. Popping open the can releases an initial wave of fruit, citrus and tropical fruit hop aromas and moving the glass closer to the nose reveals some light bread crumb. Supergiant pours gold with a light chill haze. Streams of rapidly rising bubbles permeate the beer and a lacy 2" ivory cap blankets the top. Citrus and tropical fruit introduce the flavors and by mid-palate a moderate bitterness provides balance. The shot of lactose highlights the fruit flavors while it softens the hop bitterness. It also brings out the malt's caramel flavors. Towards the finish the fruit flavors become more tangerine-like as the beer eases into a pleasant, lingering fruit and bitter finish. Supergiant is creamy, medium carbonated with a medium to medium light body. This is a very well flavored, drinkable beer to keep in your fridge for when you just need a cold one. I rate it 85.

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Able Seedhouse & Brewery

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