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56 Brewing

Solarama Crush

56 Brewing Solarama56 Brewing Solarama Crush (6.1% alcohol by volume) is an IPA dry hopped with Citra, Zeus and Enigma hops and brewed with solar honey, wheat and other local Minnesota ingredients. Citrus leads the luscious, rich aromas supported by honey, tropical fruit and very light biscuit. The predominant aroma is honey citrus. A hazy gold pour kicks up a 1" off-white cap with fair retention as streams of bubbles gently rise to the surface. The flavors start with rich honey citrus over light biscuit and lead to a pleasant mildly bitter melon and citrus rind finish. As it warms tropical fruit, hints of pineapple, orange and traces of Texas ruby red and white grapefruit flavors emerge. Hop flavors are medium high, added honey flavors are medium, malt flavors are medium minus and bitterness is medium plus but nicely balanced by the honey, malt and hop flavors. It has a soft and creamy texture with medium plus body and medium minus carbonation. This is a very luscious, full flavored IPA where the added ingredients harmonize with and enhance the natural IPA flavors. I rate it 85.

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56 Brewing

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