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56 Brewing Press Check Sour IPAWhen sour IPAs first hit the market I thought why screw up an otherwise good beer by souring it? But the after I had a few, they began to grow on me. The hop bitterness and the hop fruit flavor work well with the sour and the combination of bitter and sour highlights the hop fruit flavors while the sour reduces sweetness and dries the beer out a little. 56 Brewing Press Check Sour IPA (6.0 % alcohol by volume, 40 International Bittering Units) is a good example of this. The aroma offers mostly light fruit supported by a mild citrusy tartness and sweet grainy malt. It drops from the can bright gold and kicks up a massive 4” white cap with good retention. It is on the palate where the bitter sour interactions come to the forefront and together they add more depth and character to the beer. Lightly sweetened big fruit flavors balanced by a lemonade level tart. The fruit is mostly berry with some grape notes. The bitterness is less intense than the listed 40 International Bittering Units. The sour knocks some of the rough edges off leaving a clean, crisp bitter that adds depth to the flavors. The hop bitterness softens the acidity from the sourness making the beer easy on the stomach. The result is like drinking a dry, crisp bowl of berries. The body is medium light body, the carbonation is medium plus crisp, and the beer is refreshing and thirst quenching making this a good summer drink. When the thermometer tops 80, you want a can of 56 Brewing Press Check Sour IPA. I rate it 80.


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