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Nose Hair Bender

56 Brewing Nose Hair Bender56 Brewing Nose Hair Bender (7.0% alcohol by volume, 75 International bittering Units) is a New England Style IPA (a subset of American IPA) hopped in the whirlpool and fermenter with Amarillo, Centennial, Chinook, Citra and Simcoe Hops. I have had this both at the brewery and from the can. Cracking the can releases rich hop aromas - citrus and melon, tropical fruit, fresh herbs, a hint of grass and pine and a trace of mint. The glass fills hazy gold amber under a 1" sudsy white cap with fair retention. The flavors start mildly sweet - a melon citrus tangerine fruit cup - medium high to high hop flavors with medium levels of bread crumb malt flavors in the background. The beer is hop forward but has enough malt to soften the edges. The bitterness starts medium and finishes zesty medium high with a slight touch of drying astringency. Bitter citrus with a faint sweet note lingers. Nose Hair Bender is smooth with a medium body and carbonation. This is a pleasant full flavored drinker with an almost elixir-like quality. I rate it 77.

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