56 Brewing Lowry Pils


56 Brewing

Lowry Pils

56 Brewing Lowry Pils56 Brewing Lowry Pils (4.4% alcohol by volume, 35 IBU) is a Czech Pilsner brewed with Saaz hops. Aromas are low. Noble hops mildly spice cracker and bread crumb malt aromas. A faint hint of sulfur and fruit are in the background. The beer pours straw gold with a light haze under a 1" white foam cap with fair retention. Crackery grain and a trace of fruit lead the flavors seasoned by Noble hops. The finish is big, bitter, dry and crisp with a little fruit and a little sweetness. There is no diacetyl (popcorn butter) and no DMS (canned corn). The body is light and the carbonation medium. This is a flavorful Bohemian Pilsener with an assertive bitterness and a crisp, bitter finish. I rate it 74.

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56 Brewing

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