56 Brewing Big 5 Anniversary DDH Imperial IPA


56 Brewing

Big 5 Anniversary DDH Imperial IPA



56 Brewing Big 5 Anniversary DDH Imperial IPA56 Brewing Big 5 Anniversary DDH Imperial IPA 9.5% alcohol by volume, 40 International Bittering Units, no pkg date with Galaxy, Sultana, El Dorado, and Mosaic hops. Galaxy is an Australian hop touted for having the highest level of essential oils of any hop. When added late it offers big citrus, peach and passion fruit aromas. The flavor ranges from intense when first produced and gets mellower with age. Sultana is a US hop packed with oils and aromas of pineapple. citrus and a hint of pine. El Dorado, an aroma hop, hails from the Yakima Valley and offers fruity flavors and an attractive bitterness and aroma. Mosaic works as a bittering, flavoring or aroma hop. It offers tropical and stone fruit on the nose and mango, pine and citrus on the tongue. 56 Brewing blends fist fulls of these hops together exquisitely in their Big 5 Anniversary DDH Imperial IPA. It begins with a mild fruit and pine as the prominent hop aroma and then it offers hints of peach, tropical fruit, some pineapple, citrus, stone fruit, and floral notes. It pours hazy gold with some orange notes and almost looks like a glass of fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice. It sports a delightfully lacy 2” cap with good retention and a very fine bead. Big 5 Anniversary DDH Imperial IPA is creamy - almost pulpy - with big, complex, layered fruit flavors. Pineapple shows up first lightly seasoned by pine, stone fruit, and tropical fruit. The brewer has masterfully balanced a wide range and variety of fruit flavors. The beer is smooth and not acidic with a moderate bitterness that is not sharp or harsh. The texture is full and juicy with medium carbonation is medium. There is so much going on in this big beer that it is hard to notice the alcohol. The alcohol is big and smooth but not hot or harsh and sneaks up on you with a mild warming. This excellent, outstanding beer stands out for the balance it achieves with the big hop flavors it takes on. I rate it 92.

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