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12welve Eyes Brewing

Bruce Springstout

12welve Eyes Brewing Bruce Springstout12welve Eyes Brewing Bruce Springstout (4.7% alcohol buy volume) is an American Stout. It was canned 2 monts ago. It smells like chocolate and a trace of mild roast coffee and a hint of dark dried fruit. Hop aromas are low and there are no harsh burnt or roast aromas. It pours dense, deep dark brown under a lacy 2" creamy tan cap with good retention. The beer drinks dry flavored with a mild roast espresso, dark chocolate, medium low dark dried fruit flavors and very mellow hop flavors. The flavors work very well together. The beer is creamy with a medium plus body and medium carbonation. The beer is very flavorful and drinkable and the reasonably low alcohol make it a good session beer candidate. I rate it 80.

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12welve Eyes Brewing

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