12welve Eyes Brewing Belgian Chocolate Stout


12welve Eyes Brewing


Belgian Chocolate Stout


12welve Eyes Brewing Belgian Chocolate Stout12welve Eyes Brewing Belgian Chocolate Stout (6.3% alcohol by volume) releases chocolate aromas with a hint of tart and fruit when you crack the can. Closer up you can smell some dark cake. It was canned 6 weeks ago but still smells reasonably fresh. It pours deep dark brown capped by a 1/2" lacy tan foam collar that slowly drops to a thick film. It has very strong semi-sweet chocolate flavors with a trace of tartness underneath. The beer releases a lot of flavors as you let it roll around on your tongue - fruit, dried fruit, and a hint of cherries. As it warms more Belgian yeast character comes forward and the beer has you thinking about banana cream pie, caramel custard or creme brule. The chocolate lingers, moderately bitter with a slight astringent touch and a dab or dry graininess on the finish. It is very creamy with very soft carbonation and a medium full body. I am drinking this with a Galactic Paul Bunyan Bison pizza and a hemp brownie and it is going very well. I rate the beer 90. Unfortunately the brewery has closed.


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12welve Eyes Brewing

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