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Blanche De Hotton

Fantome GlassFantôme is a small brewery located in Soy, Wallonia, Belgium. It can produce one 750 liter batch at a time. Dany Prignon founded the brewery in 1988 and makes a wide variety of beer and especially creative, intense Saisons. He named his brewery after a phantom that locals claim roams the ruins of a nearby castle. Dany Prignon has been known to add dandelion flowers, mustard seeds, chocolate and other interesting substances to his beer. He also makes an exceptional wit (4%), Blanche De Hotton (which is seasonal and not always available). Like just about everything he produces, Blanch de Hotton is different from other Witbieren – some might call it a little odd but not in a bad way. This beer pours a pale yellow and is less cloudy than the other wits. It also has a more intense flowery, citrus aroma than other Witbieren and offers up a series of spicy, fruity, herbal tastes. It is hard to pin down exactly what specific citrus and fruit flavors are wandering around in this beer but they are there.  There is not a lot of carbonation but the beer is refreshing, a touch dry and drinkable. I rate this beer 92.

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