Bruery Terreux Summa Vitis


Bruery Terreux

Summa Vitis


Bruery Terreux Summa VitisBruery Terreux Summa Vitis (6.0% alcohol by volume) is a tart wheat beer brewed with Gewurztrammer grapes and aged in oak foeders. The beer ha a fruity, mildly funky smell laced with some grape, medium low white wine character, lemon, citrus, light wheat and a hint of vanilla. Hop aromas are low to none. Malt aromas are low to medium low. It is spritzy and effervescent, pouring slightly hazy medium to pale gold with streams of bubbles rapidly rising to feed a 1" white foam cap and gradually reduces to a thin white film. Complex, layered flavors roll over the tongue. The beer is bone dry, big and tart, offering wine, lemon, grape, fruit, and a trace of diacetyl (movie popcorn butter), mild funk and some wheat character. The grape and wine flavors lead but a host of minor flavors pop up as you savor the beer with traces of vanilla, spice, malt, yeast character, and various fruit notes. The diacetyl gives it a slight slickness and oak tannins from the barrel add a light astringent note. The tartness hits unsweetened lemon levels but the flavors buffer it and the result is a very refreshing and enjoyable beer. I rate it 90.

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Bruery Terreux

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