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23 Ounce Liobbey Weizen GlassSahti

Sahti is a traditional Finnish farmhouse beer that is at least 500 years old. It is brewed with rye, juniper, and juniper berries. It is not boiled and typically uses a baker's type yeast or something similar to German Weizen yeast. It has a moderate to strong banana and clove flavor from the yeast and a gin like flavor from the juniper. It is thick and the carbonation is nearly still to medium low. The color ranges from pale yellow to dark brown, alcohol by volume runs from 7.0% to 11.0%, and International Bittering Units are 7 to 15.


Food Pairing

Cuisine: German, spicy cuisine

Entrée: pork, strong oliy fish, rye friendly foods such as pastrami

Cheese: blue, cheddar, brie

Other: green salad



To fully appreciate Sahti's banana, clove and juniper aromas drink in a 23 ounce Libbey Weizen glass.

Spiegelau collaborated with Bell's Brewery, makers of Bell's Oberon, to design the penultimate American Wheat/Witbier glass. While designed for American Wheat and Belgian Witbier, the design enhances the Sahti's aromas. It also feels good in your hand.

Sahti also drinks nicely from the Libbey 19.25 Ounce Dimple Stein.

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