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Libbey Tulip glassBelgian Pale Ale

Fermentation temperatures towards the high end of the range for ales give these beers a fruity character and interesting yeast flavors. The malt may have toasty, caramel or honey notes. Hops are moderate but noticeable.

With alcohol levels ranging from 4.1 to 6.3% alcohol by volume Belgian Pale Ales make good session beers or to drink while reading a newspaper. Bitterness ranges from 20 to 30 International Bittering Units and color ranges from gold to copper with good clarity. They have a moderate head with a rocky texture and poor to averate retention. They have 2.5 volumes of CO2.


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Food Pairing

Cuisine: Citrus based thai dishes

Entrée: Seafood, pork, chicken

Cheese: British farmhouse cheeses - Cheddar, Cheshire, and Caterphilly, Camembert, mild washed rind cheeses, Brie

Dessert: Bread pudding

Other: Chicken salad, pretzels, German mustard


In Belgium each beer brand has its own glass. In lieu of a glass from the brewery, drink from a Belgian Beer Glass or a Tulip.

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Libbey Belgian Beer GlassBeer

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