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Libbey Weizen GlassWeissbier

I had my first Weissbier in a train station in Frankfurt with weisswurst and mustard and pretzles and it was breakfast. Wonderful!

This is a pale very refreshing German ale fermented with a significant amount of wheat and a special yeast strain that produces banana and clove flavors and aromas. The beer has above average carbonation while the wheat adds to the body. When combined they give the beer a mousse-like texture. The color ranges from straw to medium amber, alcohol by volume runs from 4.3% to 5.6%, International Bittering Units are 8 to 15 and and volumes of CO2 run from 2.5 to 3. Weissbier means white beer. These are also called Weizen - German for wheat. A hefeweizen has yeast in it and is cloudy (Hefe means yeast) while a Krystalweizen is filtered and clear.

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Food Pairing

Cuisine: Anything German

Entrée: Grilled meats, hamburgers, seafood, sushi, weisswurst, metwurst, egg dishes, smoked fish

Cheese: Sharp Cheddar, fresh cheese, goat cheese, Feta, Chevre, yound Gouda

Dessert: Key Lime pie, strawberry shortcake, fruity desserts

Bread: Pretzels

Other:  Fresh salads, cold summer salads, salads with citrus dressings, beets and goat cheese, foods with olives or rosemary or mint


To fully appreciate Weissbier's huge, mousse-like foam cap and aromas of bread, clove and banana drink a 500ml (16.9 oz) bottle in a 23 ounce Libbey Weizen glass. If the beer is a Hefeweizen, rotate or roll the bottle around to stir up the yeast.

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