beer style Czech Premium Pale Lager

Libbey Classic Pilsner glassCzech Premium Pale Lager

Czech Premium Pale Lager is a gold to deep gold, malty, hoppy Pilsner with a rounded palate. It has a foamy head with good retention. The malt flavors are slightly sweet with toasty, biscuit and/or bread notes. The International Bittering Units range from 30 to 45, the alcohol by volume ranges from 4.1 to 5.8% and the volumes of CO2 range from 2 to 2.5.

Food Pairing

Cuisine: More delicate German-style cuisine, moderately spiced dishes, Japanese, Chinese or Thai foods.

Entrée: Chicken, salmon, bratwurst, deep fried calamari, ice cold caviar, fish & chips, sushi, dumplings, fettuccine alfredo, blackened catfish.

Cheese: Vermont cheddar.

Dessert: Lemon shortbread, fresh fruit, fruit salad, or fresh berries with sabayon.

Other: Fresh green salads - avoid rich, umami centric foods.


Anchor Hocking Pilsner GlassServe Czech Premium Pale Lagers from 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit in a Libbey 15.4 ounce classic Pilsner glass, an Anchor Hocking 16 ounce Vienna Footed Pilsner glass or a Libbey 16 ounce Pilsner glass. I prefer the Libbey 15.4 ounce classic Pilsner glass for Czech Pilsners but the other two glasses work just fine.

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