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Libbey tulip glassBelgian IPA

Fermenting IPAs with Belgian yeast brings Belgian yeast spiciness and fruitiness to the hops of an IPA. Belgian brewers make an IPA by adding more hops to a Belgian Trippel. The resulting beer is lighter in color and has the alcohol levels of a Trippel. The color ranges from light gold to amber with a mid-sized foam cap with good retention. It ranges from clear to hazy.

The alcohol by volume ranges from 6.2 to 9.5% and the International Bittering Units range from 50 to 100.

Food Pairing

Cuisine: Thai and Cajun Cuisine

Entrée: Spicy seafood, fried foods, pepper crusted beef filet, beef with horseradish sauce, anything with Wasabi or ginger, jerk, chicken quesadilla, roast turky, fried chicken, herb-roasted rabbit, tilapia

Cheese: Blue cheese, Cheddar, Edam, Gorgonzola. Limburger, ixcodon, goat cheeese, Bucherondin, Picodon

Dessert: Banana based desserts, crème brule, dark chocolate, Key lime pie, lavender sugar cookies, pineapple upside down cake, fuit truffle

Bread: Summer rolls

Other: Salads, smoked chicken lettuce wraps, cigars


The Libbey Tulip galss, Libbey Belgian Beer glass and the Spiegelau IPA glass all help maintain the rich head of these beers and capture the rich hop aromas.

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Libbey Belgian Beer GlassBeer

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Spiegelau IPA Glass

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