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Libbey 14.75 Ounce Porter/Stout Beer Glasses American Stout

American Stouts are stronger, roastier beer with more hop flavor and and bitterness than an American Porter. They feature coffee and chocolate aromas and flavors augmented by citrusy American Hops. Yeast flavors are low. These beers are black and my range from clear to opaque. The head is foamy with good retention.

Alcohol by volume ranges from 5.7 to 8.9% by volume and th International bittering Units range from 35 to 60. These beers have 2.5 to 3 volumes of CO2. Serve at 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

American Stouts are hoppier, more bitter and have a stronger roast character than an Extra or Export Stout. American Stouts are less sweet and more hoppy than Topical Stouts. They have more body and more roast character than a Black IPA. American Stouts have more alcohol, body and roast grain character than an American Porter. American Stouts are not as strong as Russian Imperial Stouts.


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Luminarc 19.5 ounce Tulip GlassFood Pairing

Entrée: Rich or sweet foods. intense, caramelized meats, rich stews, sweet barbecue, smoked salmon or oysters on the half shell, steamed lobster, corned beef, wild game, roasted or grilled meats, mushrooms, spinach and root vegetables.

Cheese: Gouda, Parmesan, cheddar, French brie, smoked Gouda, MouCou ColoRouge, Trader Joe’s goat milk brie or Trader Joe’s Huntsman

Dessert: Chocolate souffle, baklava or mocha mascarpone mousse, chocolate desserts


Drink American Stouts from a Libbey 14.75 ounce Porter/Stout glass, a Luminarc 19.5 ounce Tulip (actually a standard pub glass), or a Spiegelau Beer Classics Non-Leaded Crystal Stout Beer Glass. The Libbey and Luminarc glasses are inexpensive and durable. The Spiegelau is a classy glass designed to open up the aromas of stouts and porters. It is very thin glass and rings like a bell when you hit it with a fingernail.

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Spiegelau Stout GlassBeer

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*Beer Judge Certification Program Commercial Example






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