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6.75 oz Stange


Gose (GOEZ-uh), a tart and fruity highly carbonated wheat beer originated in the town of Goslar on the Gose River around the beginning of the last millenium. It is brewed touch of salt and some coriander. It is not as intense as a Berliner Weisse or a Lambic. Sometime in the 18th century the style migrated to Leipzig in what is now Germany. Leipzig area had over 80 gose breweries by the beginning ot the 20th century but two world wars and rule by the German Democratic Republic didn't bode well for the style and Leipzig's last Gose house closed in 1966. Twenty years later a few East Germans tried to revive the style and it has recently caught on with American Craft Brewers.

The color ranges from straw to pale, the International bittering units range from 5 to 12 while the alcohol by volume ranges from 4.2 to 4.8%.

Gose has the haziness of a Weissbier and the coriander armoa and flavor of a Witbier. It is not as acidic as either a Gueuze or a Berliner Weisse.

Further Reading

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Food Pairing

Cuisine: Thai or Vietnamese dishes

Entrée: Grilled Mahi, seafood, ceviche

Cheese: Fresh chevre, fresh goat, young asiago

Other: Pickled watermelon salad


I like drinking Gose out of a Stange, a 6.75 ounce glass used for Kolsch. It concentrates the Gose's aromas. In lieu of a Stange, a highball glass, a Belgian tulip or a snifter work just fine.

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