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Libbey 20 Ounce Craft Beer GlassAmerican Brown Ale

Darker than an amber ale and a little maltier with light chocolate and caramel notes, this ale's assertive hoppiness provides balance. The bitterness is a little less than Aerican Pale or Amber Ales. American Brown IPAs have more bitterness, alcohol and hop flavor, American Brown Ales have more bitterness and hop character than English Brown Ales and havve a richer malt presence and use American hops.

The alcohol in brown ale ranges from 4.2 to 6.3% by volume while the color ranges from brown, reddish brown, chestnut brown, dark brown to very dark. The International Bittering Units range from 20 to 45. The volumes of CO2 range from 2 to 2.5. American Brown ales typically have a thin to foamy cap with poor to moderate retention.

American Brown ales have more chocolate and caramel than American Pale Ales and Amber Ales and are balanced less toward the bitter. Brown IPA have more hop character and alcohol than American Brown Ales. American Brown Ales have a bigger malt character, more hops and alcohol than an English Brown Ale.

Food Pairing

Entrée: Grilled salmon, roasted pork, smoked sausage, steaks, burgers, stews, barbecue, venison, ham, roasted pork, French onion soup topped with Gruyere, Texas barbecue brisket, macroni and cheese

Cheese: Gouda cheese, mild cheddars, alpine cheeses, Comte, Beaufort, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Goudas, aged sheep's milk cheeses, aged cheddar, Gouda, Gruyere and sheep’s milk cheeses.

Dessert: Pecan pie

Other: Light soups, earthy vegetables such as beets, acorn squash


Drink Brown Ales with a standard pint glass. The ones from Libbey or Luminarc are inexpensive and do the trick. Serve at 50 to 55 degrees F.

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