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Libbey Tulip GlassImperial/Double India Pale Ale

Imperial or Double India Pale Ales (IPAs) are to IPAs what doppelbocks are to bocks or imperial stouts are to stouts. They feature big hops and big alcohol minus the big malt found in an American barleywine. While you sit around and savor a barleywine in a snifter, double IPAs are brewed to drink. The hops should be assertive but not harsh and the alcohol should be above average but hot hot or solventy.

Imperial or Double India Pale Ales have more alcohol and hops than either American or English IPAs. They have kless body and malt character and more hop character than an American Barleywine.


Mitch Steele IPA

Joshua M. Bernstein Complete IPA

Food Pairing

Cuisine: Very spicy Thai dishes, fiery Indian vindaloos, Mexican dishes featuring habañero chilies, Jamaican jerk chicken, Moles

Entrée: Grilled lamb, steak, bacon, ham, all beef chilli

Cheese: Robust cheddars, creamy high fat cheeses, moderately strong cheeses, spiced cheeses, English cheddars, young goat cheese, milder blue cheeses.

Dessert: Wweet desserts can go well with hops, carrot cake, pineapple upside down cake


Imperial/Double IPAs pour clear to slightly hazy with a foamy cap with good retention. The alcohol ranges from 7.5 to 10.6% alcohol by volume (or higher), the International bittering Units range from 60 to 120 (about the top range of perception), and the color ranges from gold to light brown.

Drink Imperial/Double IPAs at 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit from a Libbey Tulip glass or a 19 ounce Spiegelau IPA glass. A snifter also works, especially for more potent Imperial IPAs.

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