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If you have a pressing need for authenticity, uou can order an authentic set of 4 6.76 ounce Stange Kolsch Glasses from Amazon for $27.99 plus shipping.

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Scottish Thistle GlassScottish Thistle Glass

Take a tulip beer glass, make the bottom more bulbous, stretch it out a little, have the top flare up and voilà you have a glass that looks like a thistle - Scotland's national flower - and a perfect container for Scottish ales. Like the tulip glass it captures and enhances aromas while encouraging and supports a large foamy cap. The flare at the top spreads the rich malt flavors over the tongue while allowing the beer to sneak under the foam to the drinker's mouth. The bulbous bottom allows swirling the beer to release more aromas and it feels good in your hand. I particularly like the 21 ounce Libbey Super Thistle - its 21 ounce size allows room for an entire 500ml (16.9 ounce) Scotch ale and leaves plenty of room for a generous foam cap. While designed for Scottish ales, it will work for anything a tulip works for.

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Libbey Weizen Glass

Weizen Glass

Many people confguse this with a Pilsner glass. It's not. It's bigger, especially at the top and curvier. The big bulbous top allows the glass to support the big thick foam cap that chacterize good, fresh weizens. The thick glass foot gives stability to the long tall glass of beer. The 23 ounce Libbey Weizen Glass can take a 500ml bottle and provide ample room for the generous foam cap. The top of the glass curves in, containing and supporting the cap. Never allow anyone to serve a weizen with a slice of fruit on the rim. It's an abomination. The acid from the fruit destroys the foam cap and the beer has plenty of flavor on its own without the need of a lemon or orange peel

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Belgian WitbierHoegaarden Glass

Belgian Witbieren are meant to be drunk cool. Hoegaarden recomends using a frosted glass, which you should never do, because the ice on the glass picks up off flavors from the freezer, it melts and dilutes the beer and drink this beer too cold and you miss out on all of the spicy Belgian Wit flavors. How are you going to taste the orange and coriander when your tongue is numb? The Brewer's Association recommends drinking Witbieren at 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The Hoegaarden glass is thick and will keep the beer cold. Hold it on two of the six sides to reduce heat ransfer from your hand. The large open mouth encourages release of the yeast, coriander and orange aromas. I like the 22 ounce glass. It just about fits the 750ml bottle of Hoegaarden or two of the smaller 33cl bottles.

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Spiegelau American Wheat/Witbier Glass

Spiegelau collaborated with Bell's Brewery, makers of Bell's Oberon, to design the penultimate American Wheat/Witbier glass. The design enhances the American wheat beer's and Belgian Wit's delicate floral and fruit aromas and provides ample room for the glorious, frothy head. It also feels good in your hand.

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