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Designed for brandy, the snifter's squatty body allows the hands to hold the bowl, warm the beverage and release the alcohol and other volatile aromas in the beverage. The shape of the glass facilitates swirling to further release volatile aromas. The narrow mouth traps the aromas for the drinker to appreciate. The glass of choice for barley wines, these glasses also serve anything big on aromas and/or alcohol such as Imperial IPAs, Imperial Stouts, Belgian Strong Dark ales, Braggots, Eisbocks, Flanders Oud Bruins, Flanders Reds, Gueuze, Wheatwines, Quads, and anything aged in oak barrels that once contained alcohol.

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TulipThe tulip is a popular style of many Belgian ales. Belgian beers have above average carbonation and generate big, persistent moussey foam caps. The tulip shape stimulates and helps maintain the large foam cap. The glass lip flares out allowing some of the beer to sneak out under the cap while you drink and also spreads the beer through the mouth enhancing the perception of the belgian yeast, malt and hop flavors in the beer. The bowl bulges out and then narrows near the top. This helps trap aromas for the drinker's enjoyment. This glass enhances most Belgian beers, including Belgian IPAs, Belgian Pale Ales, Belgian Strong Ales, Belgian Dark Ales, Bière de Gardes, Saisons, Belgian Dubbels, Belgian Trippels, and Belgian Quads. They also work well with Wild Ales, American IPAs, and Scottish Wee Heavys.

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Chimay ChaliceChimay Chalice

Every Belgian Beer has its own glass and I am enough of a beer nerd to have collected more than my fair share. Most remain hidden in the back of a high cupboard. Whenever I have a Trappist beer, however, I climb up on a chair, and pull out the particular glass for the chosen Trappist Monastery's beer and I must say the glass does indeed enhance my enjoyment of the beer. Years ago one had to trool ebay to find these glasses. Now most of them are on

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Libbey Belgian Beer GlassesLibbey Belgian Beer Glasses

Libbey's Belgian Beer Glasses are like a squatty tulip or a small goblet or a snifter with a big mouth. I use it for Belgian Pale Ales, Wild Ales, Barley Wines and beers alged in Barrels that once contained alcohol.

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Kölsch (from Cologne) and Alt Beer (from Dusseldorf) are served in a Stang which means stick in German and is a tall slender glass 200 ml (6.76 ounce) glass. The pictured glass has the same shape and is slightly larger (10.5 ounces). This glass also works for Faro, Gose, Gueuze, Lambics and even rye beers. Have something delicate with malt and hop nuances that need amplifying? Use this glass.

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