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Speigelau IPA GlassSpiegelau IPA Glasses

Spiegelau, noted for its premium wine glasses, collaborated with Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada to design the perfect IPA glass to showcase the aromas of American hoppy IPAs and to maintain the rich foam cap. I don't know if this is the best IPA glass in the world but it is a very nice one. Its elegant and it fits in the hand very nicely. Give it a gentle tap with a fingernail and it rings like a bell. Its lightweght and fragile - outdoors in a 10 mile per hour wind, do not expect an empty glass to stay on the table.

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Porter/Stout GlassPorter Stout Glass

Libbey's 14.75 ounce porter/stout glass curves in at the top to help preserve the foam collar and concentrate the rich coffee and chocolate aromas of porters and stouts. This also works for American IPAs, Pale Ales, brown ales, and dark German Beers,

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Spiegelau Stout Glass

Spiegelau Stout Glass

Spiegelau teamed with Colorado's Left hand Brewing and Oregon's rogue Ales to design the ultimate stout glass. The design accentuates the Stout's roasted malt aromas and coffee and chocolate notes. At 21 1/6 ounce it provides plenty of room for a rich foam collar and for aromas to congregate and the shape feels good in your hand.

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Libbey 15.4 Ounce Classic Pilsner GlassLibber 15.4 ounce classic pilsner glass


I like this glass. It has elegance. It is tall and thin to show off the brilliant clarity of a Pilsner and make it easier to watch the bubbles rushing to the surface. It has heft and feels good in your hand While the bulge in the middle prevents the glass from slipping out of your hand onto the floor. The mouth pulls in at the top, holding the foam cap and concentrating aromas.I prefer this for more substantial Pilsners like Munich Helles, Vienna lagers, and German Helles.

Libbey 16 Ounce Classic Pilsner Glass

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Libbey 16 Ounce Classic Pilsner Glass

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This is a go to lager glass suitable for American Adjunct Lagers, Amberr Lagers, Malt Liquor, Japanese Rice Lagers and light lagers. It can even work for Belgian witbier.

Anchor Hocking 16 Ounce Vienna Footed Anchor Hocking Footed Pilaner Glass

Pilsner Glass

I pick this glass for really light brilliant beers. Its tall thin shape really shows off the beer's clarity and effervescence.

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